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Paper as a raw material for corrugated cardboard is the packaging products with the highest environmental compliance since it can be reproduced and recycled. In correlation with the development of environmental awareness, corrugated consumption increases rapidly in our country and around the World. Particularly the importance of waste paper recycling rises in order to reduce the consumption of forest-based raw materials.

Protecting and using the natual resources in a most efficient manner is our primary mission toward nature, humanity and future generations.

We’ve conducted detailed analysis of our manufacturing process from beginning to end in order to reduce waste and implement sustainable packaging practices.

In order to minimize the environmental impact of our products, we give priority to the recovery, recycling and usage in source activities of the wastes as much as possible by using recyclable materials and resources effectively and efficiently.


Waste Tracking

We reduce the amount of our waste through all of our manufacturing process. Besides, we have been tracking our waste resulting from production activity in accordance with the existing environmental legislation and ‘’Packaging Waste Control Regulation’’ in a controlled manner.

Eco-friendly Ink

Our water based inks are free of heavy metals, and limited VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) to make them safer for our environment.